Some Questions you mayhave:

Q: I am here to havefun. Will I have fun with SSC leagues?

A: As long as you arehere to have fun, YES! We are all about getting people just like you out on thefields and courts enjoying themselves via any of our seasonalleagues, weekly pick-ups, social events, tournaments or instruction.


Q: Do I have to sign upwith a full team to play?

A: NO! In fact, ourfocus is on individual players. We have a great success rate of placingindividual players either on brand new teams made up of other individuals orwith teams seeking additional players. So sign up!


Q: What if I want toform a team?

A: We do allow for fullteams to be created BUT to do that, each player needs to register on their ownand then reference the team name or captain. And teams must have the maximum roster size for that sport or will be subject to having additional players placed if needed.


Q: What is this I readabout paying for membership?

A: It's true. We do require paidmembership for all participants. But there are some big perks! First, you getyour first league included in the membership fee (basketball pays $20 extra) aswell as first drink on us at the next member mingler. Plus, unlike otherleagues that charge non-resident or per player fees, we can keep your end costslower by charging a one time $39.95 annual membership fee.


Q: Do I have to pay the$39.95 membership fee now?

A: In order to play inour leagues you must pay the annual $39.95 fee. When you register for yourfirst league and see this fee, be sure to indicate payment by check or moneyorder (still put in proper credit card info as required) and we will onlycharge you the membership fee (+$20 for basketball).


Q: The first league feeincluded in membership is great! How else can I save money so I can play more?

A: To help you save evenmore money, we have included an "Early Bird Registration" period,which will be a reduced price that will close two weeks prior to the start dateof the league. 


If you have any morequestions, send an e-mail to info at and we will getback to you soon!

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    Winter 16 Monday Men's Recreational League at KIPP Collegiate School Location: Denver

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    johnny800 Location: Denver
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    Every Thug Needs A Lady Color: Orange

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    Mingler 6/17/2016

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